Tips To Single Out The Best Manlift Types 

So What’s A Manlift?

One may be pardoned for not getting to know exactly what a manlift is. So? Let’s define it first.
A manlift is simply a machine that assist us with safe working at heights. It provides an aerial platform that is easily adjustable to desired positions so that we get to perform various operations at heights without much effort. It is commonly used in the building and construction industry. That’s it… but keep reading….

What Determines My Choice?

Ideally, all manlifts can take you up. Wherever up you can go, your working environment, how heavy you and your tools are, and other factors form another story. That’s exactly why this godsend article is here to help you understand the right choice of manlift that that fits the right environment.
Basically, specific types of these machines are tailor-made for specific functions. Before you even think of the type of manlift to acquire, you first need to ask yourself the following basic questions.

  • 1. What is the total load capacity that you need lifted?
    You aren’t going up there alone. You’ll need to carry with you; your tools, materials and/or a workmate. To avoid an accident, you got to be cautious by determining the total amount of load going up so that you can compare it with the capacity of the machine you’ll be using.
  • 2. Are you working indoors or outdoors?
    You may be doing a construction, a repair… or anything else, but any may need you to be working from the inside or the outside. You must know this before your decision boils down to the machine type itself.
  • 3. How far do you want to go, both vertically and horizontally?
    You’ll not only need to rocket upwards, but also extend horizontally to fine tube your position in what you are doing.
  • 4. What amount of space is available for the machine to settle and/or move?
    Know the available space for setting up the machine. This will help you choose between large and the smaller machines.
  • 5. What Is The Nature Of Surface The Machine Is Supposed To Be Operating On?
    Some manlift machine types are modified to be able to move around a rough terrain while some simply can’t.

Here Are The Best Manlift Machines And Their Features!

1. Electric Scissor Lift.
As the name has it, it’s electrically propelled. That means that it burns no fuel therefore emits nothing that pollutes the environment. That, coupled up with the fact that it is highly flexible, alongside other reasons (mentioned below), is why it’s preferred for indoor operations. It can carry a very heavy load and has a large working platform. That is the reason behind why more than one individual can operate on it simultaneously.

Electric Scissor Lift

2. Self Propelled Scissor Lift.
This one takes storage battery as the power source for driving and rising. Most of them have the four-wheel drive feature to allow them move easily. They’re also very heavy to better the odds of a safe drive at full elevation. They generally make aerial work more convenient and efficient.

Self Propelled Scissor Lift

3. Spider Boom Lift.
I find this lift the most unique one. Without even having to adjust its base, you can reach multiple working points, even across barriers. Apart from just the vertical lift, it offers a complete turnaround (360, alongside extended horizontal moves. When you take a glance at when it’s at work, you may think it can fall off at any time. Contrary to opinions, it is sinfully stable (as if sinful!). It is able to reach up and over. So if you need to repair bridges, make towers, make or repair stadiums, find the Spider Boom Lift.

Spider Boom Lift

4. Single Man Lift.
As you’re able to deduce from the name, it surely is meant for a single person. It has a narrow design that makes it fit the smaller corridors and spaces. Nevertheless, it offers a desirable range of flexibility and it’s equally stable and strong. You can prefer it for indoor use and use within a congested environment, which is the case in most towns.

Single Man Lift

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