The Worldclass Scissor Dock Lift 

scissor dock lift, serving as the bridge between platform and lorryThe scissor dock lift is a new scissor dock leveler with a unique platform that is precisely designed for truck and semi-trailer stacking and unpacking. It is also referred to as a scissor dock lift. This material handling apparatus permits a solitary operative to load very weighty items onto a truck. Many a times, loading these weighty materials is almost an impossible task. Consequently it is a time consuming affair and may at the very least require concerted effort of several employee. This equipment can be installed in a pit easily without having to undergo a complicated process. These weighty materials are carefully organized on pallets, which are then moved onto a lowered scissor dock lift by a sole employee using a pallet truck. The employee then pushes a single electric button. This enables a single hydraulic scissor dock lift to raise the weighty pallet load into a position that permits the staff to use the pallet truck to move the weighty load onto the truck or consequently onto the trailer bed.

scissor dock lift, serving as the bridge between platform and lorry

In addition, the scissor dock lift is usually used in raising small groups of workers. Latest Models do have hand and safe rails for staff to hold onto and also to avert weighty loads from slipping off the lift. This unique equipment is exceptional in relocating other wheeled heavy loading equipment s from low height truck level. Its simple operation enables inching control rise and fall making it excellent equipment with no equal.

scissor dock lift, serving as the bridge between platform and lorry

The unique scissor dock lift also delivers another very vital benefit; It significantly reduces workers injuries. This results in optimum efficiency use of loading machine and effective utilization of man-hours. This helps in reduction of serious musculus-skeletal injuries, low-back disk issues and neck shoulder complications which are common where staff work in tandem to load and unload very weight materials onto the trucks.

Reduction in Company healthcare costs due to decreased workers compensation claims and loss of man-hours greatly improves the profitability of companies that use this exceptional equipment.

There are numerous companies without loading and unloading docks, which frequently receive large shipments via trucks. This uniquely made weight lifting equipment has a rated Loading of 300-4000 kg, and is consequently able for lifting height of between 0.9-14 m.These parameters are more than enough to cover medium sized to large shipment companies. The uniqueness of this scissor dock lift clearly sets it apart from the many machines available for loading. its aforementioned capacity is humongous and go beyond many businesses expectations.

scissor dock lift, serving as the bridge between platform and lorryOn the Loading dock lift is uniquely crafted safety trip bar, mounted under the platform. When the scissor lift decline and touched anything, the lift will stop immediately. This reduces likely accidents and hence aids in smooth operation. There are many businesses that do not have loading docks and yet nonetheless send and receive frequent, sizable shipments via truck.Excessive charges by tracking companies can drain company profits. This equipment is therefore a must have if you are in shipping business whether you have loading docks or not.

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