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Electric Articulating Boom Lift

The work platform can extend horizontally, or turnaround 360°, easy to across the barriers, realize multi-point work in wide scope without the need to reposition the base. The electric articulating boom lift has 4 full-automatic hydraulic outriggers like spider legs which provide optimal stability when deployed onto the ground, especially adaptable to poor road conditions. When the road is uneven, four full-automatic legs or single leg will automatically level the lift.

  • Attention: when working, it cannot move.
  • Drive speed up to 30 km/h, the steering wheel can make a 90°turn in situ, conveniently steer in any direction, just drive like a car. They can traverse slopes, uneven terrain, and mud.
  • Full scale gradient control make precise positioning for the operators when approaching.
  • Anti-drop function if emergency occurs.
  • Each control button has the instruction mark, the user can understand how it works and easy to operate.
  • Manual safety descent device brings you down in the event of power failure or power off.
  • Wind-proof ≤ 5. (Max windspeed 10.8 m/s, terrestrial image: young trees sway.)

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Standard configuration

The electric articulating boom lift takes storage battery as the power source for driving and rising.
Charger power supply: 220v 50HZ 1-phase Or 380v 50 HZ 3-phase, also according to customer.

  • Both ground and platform equipped with control panel.
  • Emergency descend device.
  • Emergency stop button.
  • Safety valve to prevent hydraulic pipeline rupture.
  • Overload alarm.
  • Tilt sensor and alarm.
  • Descend alarm.
  • Anti-collision protection of platform.
  • Leakage protective system.
  • Intelligent charger, charger protective system.
  • Automatic leveling system.
  • Rubber pneumatic tires, good grip, great bearing capacity, durable.
  • Remote controller, a remote key can control rise and fall within a range.
  • Alarm light
  • 1 year warranty.


  • Solid tires.
  • Explosion-proof motor.

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