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Residential & Commercial Vertical Platform Lift

Wheelchair lift is one special lift elevator for the disabled, non-base pit installation, directly fixed to concrete ground and wall with expansion screw. (When there is no pit for outdoor using , the concrete ground below the platform shall not be lower than the neighboring ground.) we could produce the residential & commercial vertical platform lift according to customer requirements, such as a variety of different entrance and exit.

  • Control panel on every floor, you can calling and control the lift up and down on every floor.
  • Control panel on platform, easy operation.
  • Inching Switch or Automatic.
  • Manual safety descent device brings you down in the event of power failure or power off.
  • Auto-flap ramp, automatic turn up after lifting, and rise together with the platform.
  • Guard panel & drive cabinet (framework): 304 stainless steel.
  • The dimension for every part can be customized to suit to actual demand.
  • Note: When the lifting height is greater than 2m,the demanding party shall install enclosed wall and safety door around the lifting platform; when the lifting height is less than 2m,the demanding party shall additionally install safety guard door in the specified-height floor.

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Standard Configuration

  • External AC power source for rise: 220v 50HZ 1-phase Or 380v 50 HZ 3-phase, also according to customer.
  • Overload protection, safety device to prevent the elevating platform from overloading.
  • Calling box, installed on the wall nearby.
  • Safety Interlock, the residential & commercial vertical platform lift shall not run when any abnormal operation.
  • Safety Sensor, the lift will be stopped immediately if bottom meet obstacle to protect people under platform.
  • Operation by self-resetting switch of wane system.
  • Emergency descend device.
  • Emergency stop button.
  • Leakage protective system.
  • Manual Safety door on second floor, prevent people on second floor from falling down.
  • 1 year warranty.


  • Remote controller, we could control the lift up and down at 20m far away.
  • Electrical Safety Door, when the platform leaves the stops, the safety door shall be automatically locked, contrarily automatically opened.


Lifting Height(m)123456
Carrying Capacity(kg)250kg250kg250kg250kg250kg250kg
Platform Size(m)1.4*0.91.4*0.91.4*0.91.4*0.91.4*0.91.4*0.9
Self Weight(kg)35055075085010001100
Entry & Exit Mode/90°/180°90°/180°90°/180°90°/180°90°/180°90°/180°
lifting Speed(mm/s)505050505050
Working Angle of Safety Wane/75°75°75°75°75°75°