Rated Loading(ton)681012
Platform Size(m)2*2.52*2.52*2.52*2.5
Pit Size(m)2.08*2.54*0.62.08*2.54*0.62.08*2.54*0.62.08*2.54*0.6
Lip Width(m)
Self Weight(ton)0.750.820.91

Loading Dock Leveler

Serving as the bridge between platform and lorry, the loading dock leveler is the perfect auxiliary equipment for goods transportation. Their changing altitude distance makes them suitable for various lorries.

  • External AC power source for lifting: 220v 50HZ 1-phase Or 380v 50 HZ 3-phase, also according to customer.
  • Installed in a pit, it can be leveled with the ground when not in use.
  • Inching control rise or fall.
  • Supporting bar is arranged for internal maintenance.
  • High strength U-shape design to ensure big load capacity without deformation.
  • Smooth transition design effectivity reduces forklift bumps and better protects cargo.
  • The lip plate and platform adopt the whole long shaft connection, the strength is high, the reliability is good.
  • Wall Mount Control Box.
  • Swinging lip , the double 5 degree bending of the tongue is more fitting to the bottom of the carriage.
  • Skirt board is designed to prevent damage of toes.
  • Anti-slip pattern steel plate.
  • Automatic electrostatic powder coating: after automatic blasting, electrostatic coating with high temperature and pressure, the paint with strong adhesion.
  • The dimension for every part can be customized to suit to actual demand.

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  • Remote controller, a remote key can control rise and fall within a range.

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