Rated Loading(ton)681012
Adjustable Height(m)1.1-1.81.1-1.81.1-1.81.1-1.8
Lip Length(m)
Table length(m)
Slope floor length(m)
Foldable plate length(m)
Guardrail Height(m)0.350.350.350.35
Overall Size(m)11.8*2.12*1.111.8*2.12*1.111.8*2.12*1.111.8*2.12*1.1
Beam Size(mm)160*80*4160*80*4180*80*4180*80*4
Lip Thickness(mm)16161616
Self Weight(ton)2.452.552.653

Forklift & Truck Dock Ramp

Serving as the bridge between containers and forklifts, the forklift & truck dock ramp offers a direct and smooth access for goods transportation.Notice: One 40 feet container can load 3 units together.

  • Towable by forklift. it is easily operable by only one person.
  • Adjust the ramp to raise or lower easily by manual operation with a manual pump, or you can choose battery power.
  • Two safety chain secure the fixing between ramp and container.
  • Two moveable lip design facilitate the free lateral floating when the truck box floor move up and down.
  • Two hydraulic retractable leg help to sustain the passage of heavy load during operation.
  • Two solid tyres provide excellent traction without worry of puncture.
  • Steel grating on the slope floor prevent the forklift from slipping back during operation, even in the rain or snow weather.
  • Tapered lip edge provide a smooth transition between container and ramp.
  • Guard rail (curb) provide safety and direction for forklift movement.
  • The dimension for every part can be customized to suit to actual demand.

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Standard Configuration

  • Solid tyres with stop block: without worry of puncture.
  • Manual hydraulic pump.


  • Charged battery power.

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