ModelRated LoadingLifting HeightPlatform SizeOverall SizeSelf Weight
Drive Speed (Platform Lowered)3.2km/h
Drive Speed (Platform Elevated)0.8km/h
Lifting Speed3-5m/min
Lift Capacity (Extension Deck)1/3 Rated Loading
Drive TypeHydraulic

Self Propelled Scissor Lift

Suitable for more flexibility is required, safety drivable at full elevation.
Compared with the mobile scissor lift, in the same capacity, the weight of the self propelled scissor lift is more heavy for ensure safety drivable at full elevation. It make aerial work more convenient and efficient.

  • Fully proportional joystick drive and steering control make operation easy.
  • Safely drivable at full elevation.
  • Do not need traction, do not need external power supply, also no need for outriggers.
  • Joystick drive and steering controls for easy operation, can make a 90°turn in situ.
  • Walk both in high or low speed, can traverse slopes, uneven terrain, and mud.
  • 25% gradeablility for driving on slopes.
  • Anti-drop function if emergency occurs.
  • Each control button has the instruction mark, the user can understand how it works and easy to operate.
  • Manual safety descent device brings you down in the event of power failure or power off.
  • Must working on flat and solid slab surfaces.
  • Wind-proof ≤ 5. (Max windspeed 10.8 m/s, terrestrial image: young trees sway.)

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Standard Configuration

The self propelled scissor lift takes storage battery as the power source for driving and rising.
Charger power supply: 220v 50HZ 1-phase Or 380v 50 HZ 3-phase, also according to customer.

  • Both ground and platform equipped with control panel.
  • Emergency descend device.
  • Emergency stop button.
  • Safety valve to prevent hydraulic pipeline rupture.
  • Automatic pothole protection reduce tip-over hazards.
  • Overload alarm.
  • Tilt sensor and alarm.
  • Descend alarm.
  • Anti-collision protection of platform.
  • Leakage protective system.
  • Intelligent charger, charger protective system.
  • Foldable guardrails (height 1 m):Convenient to transport and pass of places such as openings.
  • Solid non-marking tires, it has no any damage to the floor.
  • High/low travel speed.
  • Proportional controls.
  • Forklift pockets.
  • Remote controller, a remote key can control rise and fall within a range.
  • Alarm light.
  • Extended platform, enlarge the working space (0.9 m).


  • Explosion-proof motor.

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